Monday, April 21, 2014

One Inexpensive Option For Sound Proofing

There are many different approaches to sound proof your home, basement or an office. You probably had a change to see how recording studios use various approaches to create deaf rooms to achieve the best possible recordings. While they attain superb results, the approaches they use to sound proof their rooms are very expensive.

If you want to reduce noise in your home office, your basement TV theater or your office, you can use sound proof paint. This latex based paint has fibers that successfully reduce all incoming sounds due to their compounds that absorb sound. You can easily find this paint in online stores and get it delivered to your home. You won't have a hard time to apply this paint as the methods you can use are the same as with regular paints. You also won't have to hire a professional so you will save even more money.

In case you don't want to completely change the design of your room or keep your sound proof permanently, you can paint a drywall with this paint and glue it on your walls. You can later easily take the drywall out. Check out Serenity.